MY Religious Beliefs


Alrighty…If you read thru my website, pretty good chance you would have come across to the fact that I am a pagan. What….you missed it?! Damn, how observant are you? lol….I guess it is technically possible that someone could have missed it. Well if your reading this, pretty good chance you know now….right?

What was that? Oh, what’s a pagan? Google it. Not being sarcastic, just don’t want to get into the whole definition debate about what the word actually means.

Okok, since your begging me, here is my explanation: Paganism is an umbrella term, with a whole shit load of stuff shoved under it, regardless if it has direct correlation to Paganism or not. (ie: like New Age, alot of people associate Paganism with New Age, when in reality the 2 have little in common, depending on your perspective, of course. Not disparaging New Age…When I started on my path to Paganism, I started with New Age, and am still into it.)

LOL. I see by the perplexed look on your face that you are more confused then before. Sorry, sometimes I tend to ramble.  What can be included under the umbrella, (but not limited to, in case I forgot something.) is Wicca, other various forms of Witchcraft,(though some who are involved Brujeria, or Santeria, or Voudoun,etc. choose not to associate themselves with us, for various reasons, I do not fault them for this. At any rate, best to not include said groups in the listing of Pagan umbrella terms.) also various reform/reconstructionistic paths, such as Druidism, Hellenism, most seem to be ok with being associated with the overall Pagan umbrella.

Yeah, there really isn’t a set of rules that everyone follows, and if there are any rules at all, it has more to do with possible rules for a gathering, or a website (which of course is different for every group.)

Ok, look if your still confused…just google it. Spend as much time as you want in figuring it out, then come back to this if you like.

Now, on to my personal beliefs: I am actually more inclined to call myself Spiritual, instead of Pagan. Not because I am uncomfortable with the word, but it doesn’t feel accurate. Or more specifically, I like saying: Spiritual with Paganistic tendencies.  I believe, (at the very least.) that there is a higher power. I believe that things,objects around me (potentially) have a sentient life inside.  I also believe in the life of the elements.  Beyond that…it gets murky for me. For the longest time I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of a specific Deity,(more of the archetypes, of 1 God, 1 Goddess.) But…I am no longer sure this is the right path for me.  I have been feeling the need to seek this out….to see if there is more then 1.

I suspect…there is truth in both. I mean we are talking about beings of higher power then mere mortals, who knows what they are capable of? Who are we to try to limit them with our religions?(sorry, that has become one of my petpeeves with religion.)  I definately believe that who ever is the one(s) that created us, they don’t really care what we believe, overall.

I also believe in otherworld beings, such as angels. There have been times where I felt the presence of another being, but in a room that appeared empty. Sometimes, the being near me I can only describe as angelic, for they were of such purity.   I have been learning to see past certain perceptions though…though haven’t personally felt,(though could be wrong.) any being of a demonic nature, I have heard of people who have…and they don’t seem to be what exactly they have been portrayed by the Judaic-Christian way of thinking.  Interestingly enough, the line between Angels and Demons seem to be fairly thin.  Both are equally appealing to me for various reasons.

I might post more on this later………………………….


About SwitchWitch

I am 5'3, with medium brown colored hair, with blond and red highlights. Blue eyes. Almost but not quite vampire pale skin. I am a big woman, (at the time of writing this I am at 260 lbs. Yes I am aware that I am obese. I plan on going a on a diet soon. I like Butch Females,(Boi's and not.) as well as Trans Males. And yes, Trans Males I do see you as being fully male. That may sound contradictory, but to me it isn't.

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