Day 1: Something that you hate about yourself



Well couldn’t pick just 1 thing unfortunately.  And somethings I may hate, but at the sametime, don’t really want to do much about it.

1.)Procrastination- Sometimes this does drive me batty. But, I have been a procrastinator my whole life, so I am used to it, and for the most part it doesn’t bother me

2.)Being a slob-same thing above. Though if I could magically change one, this one would be it.

3.) Being overweight-I want to change this one. I am worried that I will be diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 or simuliar, so really need to get cracking on it….after the holidays. (yes, that is my procrastination, but also common sense, if I start it now, I am setting myself up to fall.  

On being overweight, I do not hate MYSELF for it, I’ve accepted it as it is.  I dislike it, certainly, but I try to avoid self hatred.  When I get down to my weight goal, (130-150 I may decide when I get down to 150 that I am ok with that weight. Healthy weight is important, but so is being practical. I need to be able to keep my weight off.) I am fine with the basic idea of being overweight. I think society places waaaaayyy to much emphasis on being slender/skinny.  Someone may be that, doesn’t mean that they are healthy.  And plus, I like those who like gals with plenty of curves. *grins*

4.)Depression-Not playing the blame game here, ohh believe me, if I could stop being depressed I would.  Not on any medications at the moment, don’t want to be (because I feel that alot of medications can be a crutch.  Not counting the type of meds some people need to take, though!) but considering Anti-Depressives as a tool to help me rise above the pit I am mired in.  It makes me feel like a hypocrit though given my opinion of meds=crutch, but I am somewhat adept at brushing off those niggling little thoughts.

Hmm. Not a bad start for writing prompts!


About SwitchWitch

I am 5'3, with medium brown colored hair, with blond and red highlights. Blue eyes. Almost but not quite vampire pale skin. I am a big woman, (at the time of writing this I am at 260 lbs. Yes I am aware that I am obese. I plan on going a on a diet soon. I like Butch Females,(Boi's and not.) as well as Trans Males. And yes, Trans Males I do see you as being fully male. That may sound contradictory, but to me it isn't.

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