Day 2:Something that you love about yourself.



Again, cannot pick just one.

1.)Listening- I love that I like listening to people talk, whether it is about their day-to-day life or anything else. I have considered becoming a therapist because of this.

2.)Compassion-Which goes right along with listening.

3.)Openmindedness-My parents used to say “Don’t be so openminded that your brains would leak out from your ears!” Which kind of drove me nuts. Not that it wasn’t good advice, but I was insulted that they would think my common sense would take a backseat to my openmindedness.  I feel it is possible to have an openmind, but still remain kind of cynical, wary. Like if I ran into someone I couldn’t stand in high school and they indicated that they wanted to be friends now, I would be willing to give it a shot, but also be cautious. (Well depending on whom it is, of course.)



About SwitchWitch

I am 5'3, with medium brown colored hair, with blond and red highlights. Blue eyes. Almost but not quite vampire pale skin. I am a big woman, (at the time of writing this I am at 260 lbs. Yes I am aware that I am obese. I plan on going a on a diet soon. I like Butch Females,(Boi's and not.) as well as Trans Males. And yes, Trans Males I do see you as being fully male. That may sound contradictory, but to me it isn't.

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