Day 7:What is your favorite toy?



lol….They don’t ask what is your favorite sex toy or one related to BDSM, so I am going to assume both.

Floggers-The thuddy ones, thanks. When done right it feels like a deep tissue massage.  Most of the floggers I have experienced are made of leather, deer hide though there had been some buffalo too. I love it on my back….which where I have trouble with.

Favorite sex toy-I don’t really have one yet. I mean I have at least 1 that I use til it wears out and I have to get a new one to wear out.  The problem with sex stores, is that most of their stock is cheesy cheap stuff, granted what I can afford, though have been thinking of saving up for better toys, like a Hitachi Wand or the Cone, or something from Lilo.  I have gotten used to toys with a hard plastic shell and takes 3 AA batteries,2 C batteries or 2 D batteries, I am hoping that by getting better quality toys they will last longer, and that my orgasms would be just as intense. 

Butt Plugs- Also looking to try these out, I like the looks of the Pyrex glass plugs, (they are reasonably priced as well.) And have seen them at my local sex toy shop. So, I think after the holidays, I will look into getting a small plug or 2.

Cock Gag- What it is, is a gag in the shape of of a cock, to in the mouth, though there are some that are like a face dildo harness. lol.  I don’t know why this appeals to me…it just does.  An acquaintence long time ago, expressed a strong interest in seeing me in it, but we lost touch……

Collars-My longing for a collar will not go away, unfortunately, alot of the collars that my local leather shop sells, I don’t care for the look, but a few acquaintences of mine makes and sells various leather crafts, so I need to check what his stuff is.  Otherwise I will have to get from online, probably from the Wanted to get one with a leash, but a few people pointed out I could just get one of those from the pet store.   And of course want collars of different colors


About SwitchWitch

I am 5'3, with medium brown colored hair, with blond and red highlights. Blue eyes. Almost but not quite vampire pale skin. I am a big woman, (at the time of writing this I am at 260 lbs. Yes I am aware that I am obese. I plan on going a on a diet soon. I like Butch Females,(Boi's and not.) as well as Trans Males. And yes, Trans Males I do see you as being fully male. That may sound contradictory, but to me it isn't.

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