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History of Silver City-Timeline


Gatlinsburg-Richard Gatlin and his new wife Maria moved from Detroit in the early 1850’s.  They 11 children but 2 were born still and a 3rd passed of Diptheria at the age of 4.  Gatlin’s parents,brothers and sisters soon moved to the area, as well as many in law families.  The area became incorporated as a town in 1860, Richard Gatlin immediately elected as Mayor.  Richard was a man with simple values and simple faith. Having grown up in a Catholic family, but encouraged to ask questions, he became disillusioned with Christianity.  He believed in God, but was uncomfortable with the rigid standards that it set.  Not being a wealthy man, he couldn’t afford to go to college, nor could his family afford it, so he learned to be an accountant, which is how he met the love of his life, Maria Kershaw. Her father owned the accounting firm that Gatlin worked at.  Unfortunately before the couple were wed, Her father, Sam passed away of a heartattack, and the family elected to sell the business then let Richard (who admittedly had no business sense/experience at the time.) take it over. Maria as the only daughter got a portion of the sale (4,000) and moved to an unincorporated area of the state.  They built a nice sized farmstyle house, and painted it white.

1860’s  A few cousins joined the Michigan/Ohio regiments for the Civil War.  2 came home with a missing arm or leg, 1 came home in a box, and another didn’t come home at all. Maria Gatlin passed away of a stroke in early 1870. Richard 2 years later.


SILVER RUSH! Proclaimed the headlines in the local newspapers. The Silver rush moved a bustling little town into a major metropolis pretty quickly. (roughly about the size of Grand Rapids.)  Richard’s son Michael Gatlin quickly set up the Gatlin Mining Company.

1900-Silver City became the new name for the area, but the residents of Gatlinsburg lobbied to keep the name of Gatlinsburg for their area. 

1930s-Like most of the country, the depression affected the citizens of Silver City greatly. Only picking up slightly with the lifting of prohibition and then WW2.  George Gatlin, after coming home from his plane being shot down in Germany, without his left leg and right arm (due to the wounds going septic.) He broke off the engagement he made before the war to Emily Kershaw (a decendent of Maria’s brother.)and shipped his german wife, Helga and their 3 yrs old son, Hans to Michigan. 

Emily Kershaw seem to take it well because she soon met,fell in love with and  married the son of a english duke. 

George faced heartbreak when his son Hans, was killed in Vietnam.


Character synopsis



 Robbie-Dominant-switch.  quiet, thoughtful, a bit intense, at times socially awkward. stubborn as all hell. Compassionate. Passionate.Arrogant. Bit of a 1 track mind.   For about a year after she broke off her relationship with her last girlfriend, Shelly, Robbie went into seclusion, exepting for work.  She wanted to take some time to figure out what she really wanted, from life, from a potential partner,etc. Even contemplated giving up the BDSM lifestyle so that she would have better luck in finding a life partner.  She decided that leaving would be a mistake, but that she should try to keep an open mind as much as possible. (Though primarily attracted to Femmes, she has been attracted to other Butch and Trans Males.) When she meets Lyndi, she immediately wants her.  Over time she becomes desperate in wanting Lyndi. Robbie is very handsome, about 5’7, curly dark brown hair with lighter brown sunstreaks and green eyes. a ‘natural tan’ what used to be called olive tone.  Though most comfortable in jeans and tshirt, she also likes dressing up in a suit. several piercings and tattoos, including nipple and genital piercings.

Gina and Robbie hit it off immediately, a tiny bit of attraction at 1st, but both realizing at the same time that they were both to much alike for it to work.  Gina having observed her friend Lyndi’s reaction to individuals who are not among the binary gender scale (particularily with the ‘masculine of center’ individuals like Parrot and Carlo.) wonders if maybe Lyndi and Robbie would hit it off.

Carlo-is a switchy-sub identified GenderQueer/Butch guy who has what seems to be a mild crush on Lyndi…but is there more lurking beneath the surface?  Carlo is not trans,prefers alternate Male pronouns such as ‘hy’ and ‘hym’. Though Carlo does enjoy topping and Dominating a scene, hy generally prefers being a submissive to a strong and feminine woman.  Though having a ‘switch’ relationship would appeal to hym as well. Shaved head, horn rim ‘geeky’ glasses. slender, almost wiry. 00g plugs in hys ears.

Gina-Dominant-Masochist and rope slut. Technically Pansexual, she never the less prefers Butch Females and Trans Males that are bottoms/submissive.  Having a submissive that is able and willing to service top is a Must for Gina.  She loves life, and tries to enjoy as much of it as she can, throwing herself into various activities. Somewhat a daredevil.  Gina can be devious, but (mostly.) without malice.  She felt an immediate sister-ship with Lyndi, who quickly becomes her best friend.  She is at 1st surprised then amused when Lyndi displays an attraction to 1st Parrot and then Carlo.  Rarely jealous, Gina contemplates trying to set Carlo and Lyndi up, when she meets Robbie at a hockey practice.  Quickly figuring that Robbie would be a better match for her friend, (and this before finding out that Robbie was into kink!) She hatches a simple plan to get them to meet.

Alan-a potential boyfriend for Lyndi at 1st, but when sparks begin to fly between Lyndi and Robbie, he backs away……

Lyndi-like most of the Femme ID’d characters that I write about, Lyndi is very much me. Probably more so me then anyother femme character.  Lyndi outwardly is what I would like to be: more confident, more outgoing, better at managing her money. But inwardly, she is just as awkward.  She has all her life considered herself in the ‘straight but not narrow’ catergory so she is thrown for a loop when she encounters individuals among the non binary gender scale. But nothing prepares her for meeting Robbie.  Somewhat similiar to Carlo kind of prefers being submissive, but does not want to deny herself the fun of topping and Dominating. 

A general note: Though Lyndi is based on me, none of the other characters (or plots) is based on any 1 person or situation.  The ‘masculine-of-center’ characters are based on qualities that I find appealing, since I do not know that many MOC types, these qualities are ethier drawn from ones I percieved to be of MOC’s online or of Males that I know/have known as well as Male characters.