Monthly Archives: October 2011

Wearing a rope dress and having food fun


Syr finished wrapping the rope around me and I thought we were done, but then hy took another piece of rope,pulled my hands behind my back and tied them together. I stifled a groan as hy chuckled evilly. Hy led me downstairs and told me to sit down. Hy cooked my favorite foods, shrimp scampi, spinach with pine nuts and currants,and okra. With Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. To my surprise and dismay, hy had only made up 1 plate and sat down and started eating. My mouth watering and trying to look as pitiful as possible I hoped that hy would give me some or better yet, untie my hands. But for a long time hy contentedly ate hys food, seeming to ignore me but smirking every now and then……….