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My little Angel


Patricia Wassale married her best friend, Alan Kaplan a few years out of high school. He is gay, so the relationship was that of convience because his parents/family did not want him to be gay. So of course neither families knew that it was a sham. Truthfully, a no sex relationship was just fine for Patti, because while she felt attraction to some men, she just didn’t have much interest in sex with them. Then, the families began asking “where are the grand children?” As if there weren’t enough grand kids on both sides due to both of them having 2 siblings each. So, they looked into the process of both adopting and artificial insemination. Considering alot of males in Alan’s family had trouble in getting their wives pregnant, that didn’t phase anyone, thank God. After a long process of roughly 3 years and 1 miscarriage, Patti finally was able to give birth to a baby boy, 1 month early; Daniel, 6.4 ounces. a full head of curly blond hair and bright blue eyes. Then, in an interesting change in events, Kevin, Alan’s long term boyfriend asked Alan to marry him. Patti knew that it would happen eventually, she just wished that it had happened later on….like when Daniel would be in high school. She worried that Daniel would not have a stable enough home life with his parents living in different households, so they looked into keeping the households together. When Alan told his family the news, they said they already knew. Had known for a long time, but didn’t say anything because they didn’t feel people could be happy and be involved in the ‘Gay Lifestyle’. In a rare fight between Alan,Patti and Kevin, Alan tells Patti that he always thought she was gay and just in denial.

The next day, Kevin finds the ideal property, about 6 acres just outside of Nordham twnshp. A former client of his father’s (Whom passed away the year before.)The house is a disaster and needs to be torn down, but as Kevin owns a contracting company, the house could be built cheaply. Alan and Kevin move to a house rental across the street, knowing that 3 people and a small child in a small house was just a little to much.