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Daddy’s Evil Lil Girl


Turning the tables on Daddy.

Story codes: Butch Daddy/lg, Anal, Non Consent, Hot Sauce. S/m, Switch

This story, (so far.) is the most intense, (scene wise.) that I have written. Some of you may consider this very intense; some of you may consider it tame. Whichever, I hope that you enjoy, so please R&R (read and review.)

Part One

As dinner was simmering on the stove, so was her temper. Daddy said hy would be home at 7:00 on the dot. And it is almost 8. Sighing exasperatingly, she drained the noodles into the sink.  She knew she was being unfair, after all, it was Thursday, and they were usually crazy.  Finally she heard hys car pull into the garage.  She heard the faint sound of keys jingling, and she tried stifling her temper, for hy only jingled hys keys when he was impatient or annoyed. The back door, she automatically looked, and said. “Hi Daddy.” As always, she is struck as to how handsome hy is. Dark brown hair starting to go gray, laugh lines around hys eyes and mouth. Soft velvety brown eyes.

Daddy sighed. “Hi lil girl. Dinner going to be ready soon?”

Stifling a surge of impatience, she turns back to the stove, to check on the sauce.
“Yes Daddy. It will be ready in 5.”  Daddy always, always! Gives her a hug and kiss when hy walks in the door, no matter what. But he didn’t! *mentally stomps her foot.*
Daddy hates it when she does that, and she doesn’t want hym to know that she is annoyed.

Hy wandered out of the kitchen and into the bedroom heard hym get into hys usual evening clothing, sweats.  When hy comes back out, she sees hy is carrying a tawse, with relief she sees that it is the one that hy likes being used on hym when hy is overly stressed. 

A plan begins to formulate in her mind. When hy goes to use the bathroom, and to wash hys hands, she quickly goes to the bedroom, and grabs the 2 sets of handcuffs, and puts them into her pocket.  For a long while, she has been thinking of turning the tables on Daddy, ever since hy mentioned that hy missed switching, about a month ago.  Before they met, hy was a submissive to Mistress Athena, but she ended up moving to Philadelphia for a job, and hy just got promoted to office manager.  They had together for close to 6 months, she still had her apt, but most of the time was here.

When he come back, the spaghetti, with meatballs and lots of mushrooms and green peppers the garlic bread freshly made and still steaming.    For dessert, Banana splits.  Before when she cooked, she never got this elaborate, for, what was the point, in getting elaborate, when you were only cooking for yourself?  But when Daddy cooked, hy usually cooked a full meal, so when she started cooking for hym, she did that as well.  The only different was,  that she tended to make things with either no meat, or not a lot of meat.  And hy tended to make steaks, and stuff like that.

Hy sat down with a sigh, and tucked into hys food.

Stifling giggles at both Daddy making slurping noises, and the ideas that were running thru her head.  Finally, dinner was over, and they both cleaned up the kitchen.  Hy walked over, and tugged her close, kissed her. And then whispered, “baby girl, I gotta ask for you to beat me, I’m totally stressed out.”

She smiles, careful to not be too gleeful. “of course Daddy.”

They walked hand in hand to the bedroom, and pulled out the collapsible spanking bench and set up in the middle of the room. Hy stripped, hys sweats off, she peeking at the corner of her eye, because she loves seeing her Daddy’s stocky teddy bearish body. As she gets out the lotion that hy likes after words, and sets them on the stand against wall, where she would easily be able to reach them.

Daddy looks at her, “You ready sweetie?”

“Yep, Daddy. Climb on.” She said cheerfully.  Hy looks at her for a 2nd, hearing the cheerful note, but shrugs and gets on the bench.

“Now just relax and close your eyes, Daddy. I’m going to take care of you” She says softly into hys ear. Hys eyes close. She pulls both sets of leather cuffs out, and quickly cuffs hys hands and ankles to the bench. Hys eyes shoot open.

“What the hell girl! Un cuff me, Now.”

“No, Daddy I’m in charge right now.” She said gleefully. Relishing the aspect of being the top.  She got out the new jawbreaker ball gag that has actually not been used yet. Daddy’s eyes got wide, but stayed quiet. The look on hys face boded ill for her when it was her turn…But she will deal with that later. She slipped the gag over hys face, and into hys mouth.  Hy groaned alittle, getting used to the huge gag. 

“Now now Daddy don’t fess too much, or I will put hot sauce on the ball gag…..or better yet on your parts.” She admonished.  Hy glared at her, and while her stomach quivered and quaked under that glare, she still ignored it.  She grabbed the tawse, just handling it for a minute, hitting her arm with it. She bit her lip, ooooo forgot how much impact this one has…she says to herself.  She goes to stand behind Daddy, and starts hitting his butt with it. He groaned, relieved at the feel of the tawse, the tension of the stressful day draining out. Every so often she stops for a minute to sooth the skin. About the 5th time though she scrapes her fingernail over the sensitive spot.

“MMMmmm!” Daddy protested.  “Nuh uh, Daddy….be quiet.” She goes back to spanking hym with the tawse. After about 50 or so whacks, which is about all of the tawse hy can take, she put it back on the stand. Got out the rabbit fur glove, but also got the glove with the spikes on it.  She put both gloves on, but didn’t touch hym with the spiked glove yet.  He sighed and relaxed when she soothed away the pain.. She gently kissed the spot that she concentrated with the tawse on earlier.  Then with the spiked glove rubbed over the same spot.  Hy jerked up, head turning towards her, to see what she used. She held up the 2 gloves. “Hmmphh.” She could tell that hy didn’t like the spikey glove, but right now, that was ok.

Baby girl giggled softly. “Hmm. I’m gonna have to do this more often! It’s fun.” She stood for a moment, trying to think what else she could do to Daddy. 

 She grinned suddenly. One of the things hy loves having her do, is masturbate in front of hym, it always gets hym hot and wanting to fuck her. Baby girl giggles, but hy isn’t gonna for a while!” She says out loud. Daddy cocked an eyebrow at her, wondering what she is thinking, but got the answer when she pulled her favorite vibrator out.  She stripped off her clothing, going slowly, like she usually does. (though Daddy usually is just sitting on the chair, smirking, not bound to the bench…) 

She climbed onto the bed, spread her legs, turned on the vibe, and started rubbing it against her clit. Her other hand pinching her nipples.  At 1st doing this in front of Daddy made her really self conscious, and she hated it when hy would tell her to.  So hy told her, “Just try to pretend I am not here, and I won’t say a word.” And he wouldn’t until he wanted her to cum. By then, she would be so ready to, that she didn’t care who saw. Over time, she got over being self conscious about it, and loved doing it as much as hy loved watching it. 

Daddy growled suddenly. Baby girl opened her eyes,  And sat up. Daddy was staring very fixedly at her, making her think she forgot something…..Hy looked at her clit, then the vibe in her hand a few times, then she finally got it.  She has to wait for hym to give permission to orgasm.  Hy has never allowed her to do otherwise. She wavered.  She wanted to cum, and really drive hym crazy with lust, but if she did……….she would be in so much more trouble afterwards. 

She smiled. “In for a penny, in for a pound Daddy.” She said, climbing back onto the bed. Daddy growled again.  She leaned over to get her favorite dildo out. Leaning back on the bed, she slowly slid the dildo inside…pumping it. And with the other hand, turned the vibe back on and placing it over her clit.  Baby girl groaned softly. It didn’t take her to long to cum.  It was a long and deep one, she felt so limp afterwards, like she didn’t want to move. But, she sat up anyways, put the toys back in the nightstand.  She looked at Daddy, hy was steamed. Smoke was practically coming out of hys ears. 

It was almost tempting to leave hym in there, so she wouldn’t get into trouble right now……..but the downside of that,  is that when she finally did let hym loose, it would be that much more worse. So she undid the gag. Hy was silent and glaring.  She began to tremble as she undid the handcuffs. When the 2nd one came off, Daddy sat up, rubbing hys wrists.  She gulped.  She didn’t think Daddy would get this mad………

Stay Tuned for Part Two